Custom Cheerleading Uniforms

Custom Cheerleading Uniforms

Have you ever had a great idea for a custom cheerleading uniform design, but couldn't find it anywhere or no one would make it for you?  Or have you ever needed uniforms for part of the squad, but the cheerleading company you ordered from no longer makes it?  Did you ever have someone on your squad who needed a little extra room in the bust or waist and the uniform just didn't fit right?  Or you like one top from one company, but a skirt from another and want it to match? Cheer Etc is here to save the day and help you solve those problems. 

Cheerleading is a sport that takes a lot of time and dedication to be your best.  You also want to look your best, so you want it all:  the new custom cheer uniforms, new warm ups, new poms, sport bags and hair bows.   It can all add up but Cheer Etc can help you save money to get all of the gear that you want.  Having a sales representative come out to the school to size your squad adds to your total costs.  There are ways to eliminate these costs by having the home economics teacher or a seamstress take measurements.  You can even get a sample of the style of uniforms you are about to purchase.  That way you can check out the quality while using it to help size the girls.  Did you know that this will save you anywhere from 25 to 60% compared to companies with sales reps that come to you? 

You can even design your own custom cheerleading uniforms, or even pick a shell top from one company and a skirt from another and the color is guaranteed to match.  Discontinued styles are not a problem either because with Cheer Etc there is no such thing!  Many Christian schools out there that would love to know about Cheer Etc, because they are tired of getting overcharged just because they need a few extra inches added to their skirts. 

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$89.00 per set.


$84.00 per set.


$79.00 per set.


$74.00 per set.


$69.00 per set.


$64.00 per set.


$59.00 per set.


$54.00 per set.


$49.00 per set.

*Call for Pricing on Men's Uniforms, Bodyliners & Pants

Prices shown only include a standard solid back, add $5 for a back design on shells or bodyliners.  
Extra $5.00 charge per piece for metallic trim or for a stretch back on the shells.  
Add $15 when substituting a bodyliner for a shell.
Add $6.00 for 2” of additional length on the skirts, $8.00 for 4”, $10.00 for 6” & $12.00 for 8”.

Custom Cheerleading Size Chart & Measuring Tips

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