Mascot Costumes

You have come to the right place for mascot costumes, we have a huge selection of high quality mascot costumes & guarantee the lowest prices. All our mascot costumes are proudly made in the USA.  Other fur and clothing colors may be available, call for more information.  Click on any of the mascot images for a larger view.  Don't be fooled by imported cheap imitation mascot costumes.  Our prices are the lowest & we now ship all size medium & possibly large mascot costumes with no color changes in 2 weeks.  Some mascot costumes we can get out quicker.  Call 1 (877) 898-8873 or e-mail us to let us know what mascot costume you need and the date you need it.  We are so sure you will be completely satisfied with our quality, we offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee against manufacturer defects on all of our mascot costumes. 

Having a school mascot costume is important to many schools and communities.  The school mascot costume will help to keep people motivated and when a team is cheered on and knows that the crowd appreciates their hard work, they are more likely to give it their all during their games.  It is something that helps their metal as well as physical performance during games and tournaments.  Cheerleading mascot costumes are a fantastic motivational tool for getting the crowd cheering. 

There are many different types of mascot costumes that are used by schools and other organizations.  These are a very useful for many reasons.  Every costume has an advantage. There are a lot of games that a mascot can play with the audience.  They will usually get the crowd cheering by having them yell out different letters or words while doing a cheer routine.  The mascot of a team is going to be cheering on the team.  Some of them may be funny while other ones may be more serious with their actions.  There can be a lot of excitement at a game.  The type of mascot that is chosen by the team will be represented in every event that they take part in.  The school or organization may have several different teams that are represented the same mascot character. 

A mascot costume will be able to provide a lot of options for your school or organization.  The teams will be able to have someone who is able to represent them and help them through rough spots in their game as well as in the times that they are coming out on top.  This is something that is very important when players - and your school - need to have your support. 

Please note that additional shipping charges are incurred for mascot costumes and will be added to your total after checkout.  Your receipt that is e-mailed to you will reflect the correct total. 

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