Cheer Warmups


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All warmups can ship the next day.  These are perfect for dance team warmups also. Customized lettering can be done in 2 weeks, rush services are available - call for more information.  All pricing on all cheerleading warm ups reflect 25% discounts off retail prices.  Call for quantity pricing at 30 sets. 

A cheerleading squad is all about unity - you must work together, travel together and move together on a stage or field to achieve a common goal.  This unity is represented by your uniforms and cheer warmups.  Uniforms and cheer warm ups can make or break a team, as they will be the determinant of how seriously people take you, and how organized and how put together you are to judges, team sponsors and fans. 

Cheer warm ups include any clothing items that keep you warm, such as jackets, pants, long sleeve t-shirts, and sweatshirts.  Warmups are typically worn over your cheerleading uniforms to keep you warm during those chilly night games and can be taken off as you become warm enough.  Many are made from insulating materials such as and nylon and polyester fabrics that move moisture away from the body during intense workouts or after a performance.  Plus, they can help your team to stand out from the crowd and always look your best. 

If you are a member of a dance team, you're probably looking for a way to make your team stand out in a crowd of other dancers. The best way to create a cohesive -looking unit and make your dance team stand out when traveling, practicing, or warming up is to have dance team warm-ups. You can even spice up a traditional in-stock dance team warmup with your own names and logos. When you customize your dance team warm ups, you are able to make a lasting impression. Customized dance team warmups add appeal and give members a sense that they belong to something concrete. This really helps improve performance because the spirit factor is in full force. 

So if your team is looking to make a statement when you show up at your next competition or event, consider getting cheer warmups. Eye-catching, unique team warm-ups will grab the attention of everyone around. They will bring your whole squad together and really show off your team spirit! 

Other types of jackets are also available, including satin jackets and rain jackets!