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Pom Pons and Pom Poms for Cheerleading 

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Cheerleaders are usually identified by their bright, colorful uniforms and pom pons. So it is very important for cheerleaders to have the best of the best for their poms to use while performing as they are often used as visual props.  When someone mentions the words “pom poms”, it’s only natural to picture a puffy, flashy, plastic ball of colors that cheerleaders hold during routines.  Poms are often used in pairs (one in each hand), but depending on the choreography of your routines you may have different needs.  Cheerleading pom pons come in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, color combinations, and sizes. Shiny metallic poms have become very popular in recent years as well as glittery holographic poms and zebra print poms! 

Cheerleaders use pom-pons at sports events for five main reasons:  To attract the attention of the spectators; to accentuate movements; to add flair to a cheer, chant, or dance routine; to distract the opposing team; and to spell out team's name or other words for motivation. 

Pom-pons can also be waved by fans in the stands at high school or college games.  Pom balls or rooter poms would be great to give to fans to cheer on their teams or to sell as a fundraiser.  Many schools and universities have dance teams in addition to their cheerleading groups. The dance teams may also use pom pons occasionally in their routines. 

Traditional cheerleading poms have a fuller, puffier, round look with a hidden baton-style handle in the center. Rooter poms are more common in the stands and have thinner, longer streamer and feature an exposed handle so fans can wave them and promote spirit as well as distract the other team. Some pom designs can even feature a side-by-side color split, a bulls-eye, or targer color design.  Cheer Etc has many differet options for combinations of colors, mixing marterials, handles and length of streamers – the possibilities are truly so many it is impossible to list them all.  If you do not see what you are wanting, just give us a call and we can help you design the perfect pom for your cheerleaders. 

Pom poms are also known as pompoms, poms, pom pons, and pompons. All the spellings ending in ‘n’ are the official names; while the spellings ending in "m" are the more popular variations. 

Have glitter, targets, or bullseye added to any style pom for a small additional fee.  Don't see what you want?  Not a problem - we can make it!  Cheer Etc specializes in making custom cheerleader pom pons with the guaranteed lowest price and fast delivery.  Just give us a call for help building your own unique cheerleading pom poms. 

Order in single quantities (each), not in pairs.  We are team dealers, minimum of 6 pieces. 

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