Caring for your Mascot Costume

Caring for your Mascot Costume



Head Cleaning


If the head of your costume is covered in a fur it should be brushed on a regular basis to prevent mats from happening and give it a nice, well groomed appearance.  A vented brush, similar to a car or dog grooming brush can be used for your mascot costume.  Spot cleaning may be done, by hand only, with a gentle detergent such as Woolite.  Never submerse your mascot head in water.  To eliminate any odors that may occur, a disinfectant can be lightly sprayed in the inside of the head – do not soak or drench it with the spray.  We recommend using a 50/50 mixture of Listerine and water.  If your costume has a molded head such as one of the people costumes it should only be spot cleaned with a damp sponge and a mild detergent.  Be careful not to scrub it, but use a gentle stroke.  For latex portions a leather or vinyl cleaner such as Armor All may be used.  Use it very lightly and be careful not to spray it on any fabric portions.


Body Cleaning


Most of the bodies of our fur and fabric mascot costumes can be machine washed in a front loading, commercial sized washer.  Use only a delicate cycle with cold water and a gentle detergent such as Woolite and fabric softener.  We recommend cleaning your mascot body after every third or fourth wearing to keep it fresh and avoid any funky odors from forming.  Your mascot costume body may be put in the dryer but only on air fluff with no heat, however it would be best to allow your costume to line dry away from any heat sources.  If your costume is made of faux fur, be sure to brush it out while it is still damp using a vented brush to prevent any mats.  Under no circumstances should a fur body be dry cleaned.  The chemicals used can be harsh and will cause the fur to become matted.  If you have a foam costume it should be  hand washed (no washing machine) or it may be dry cleaned.  If hand washed, it needs to hang dry.  It is very important that all mascot costumes are completely dry before storing them away.  If any moisture is present mildew may occur.


Foot Cleaning


As with your mascot head the feet should only be spot cleaned by hand with a mild detergent.  Do not immerse in water.


Storing your Mascot Costume


Your costume should not be stored in an enclosed space such as a bag, box or case for any extended period of time.  It should be stored in an area that is well ventilated and not exposed to any excessive temperatures.  The truck or back seat of a car is the worst place to have your mascot costume for any length of time.  Heat and freezing temperatures can cause damage to them. Never, ever store your costume while it is damp from either cleaning it or if it became a little ‘sweaty’.  Fur bodies should be brushed out after each time it is worn before storing them.  All bodies should be hung on a hanger for storage.  The heads should be allowed to properly air out before being put away.  We recommend keeping the head stored on a head stand made out of PVC pipe.  Most costumes will come with instructions on how to build a head stand, but if not just contact us and we will send you a copy.




As time goes on and your mascot has been busy keeping your fans rallied, you may find that he needs a little TLC.  Minor repairs can be made using hot glue, a contact adhesive or a needle and threat.  Keeping up on the care will prevent small problems from becoming large ones and prolong the life of your costume.  Be sure to inspect your costume on a regular basis to look for little things that may need a touch of care.

We do offer refurbishing services for our mascot costumes if something more major occurs.  Contact us for information on this.  Be prepared to send us pictures of your costume and the damage that needs to be repaired so that we can provide you with a price quote as accurate as possible.




If a situation ever arises that you need to ship your costume anywhere, make sure that when you pack it you do so with extreme caution and in a way that will allow it to remain in its natural form.  Never take the risk of trying to squeeze it into a box that is too small.  And most importantly, when shipping your mascot costume spend a little extra to make sure it is properly insured by the carrier and for the proper value in case it gets lost or the box is damaged and you have to replace your costume.



If you need any assistance with your costume or with placing an order for one, please do not hesitate to contact us at (877) 898-8873.