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Griffin Mascot Costume #46117-U

Griffin Mascot Costume #46117-U
Griffin Mascot Costume #46117-U
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  • Model: Mascot costume #46117-U
  • Weight: 99.00lb

Griffin Mascot Costume 46117 is part of our Polyfoam line. The head is constructed out of molded foam and latex for superior detail and durability and includes a screened vision panel, comfort ventilation panels, and a built-in cooling fan.

Materials: Head: Molded foam and latex
Body: Foam and/or fabric.
Size: Adult ranging from 5'4" (162 cm) to 6'2" (183 cm) and chest size up to 60" (152 cm) and waist up to 52" (132 cm).
Additional Info: Mascots come complete with Head, Body, Mitts or Hands, and Feet (with a few rare exceptions).



Made with pride in the USA

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