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Crocodile Mascot Costume 46313

Crocodile Mascot Costume 46313
Crocodile Mascot Costume 46313
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  • Model: Crocodile Mascot Costume 46313
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Perfect for cheerleading! Rally your fans with Mascot costume #141-Z Alligator Sam is made in the USA and with the highest quality materials available.  

Croc Mascot Costume 46313 is part of our Polyfoam line. The head is constructed out of molded foam and latex for superior detail and durability. The head is constructed with a screened vision panel, comfort ventilation panels, and a built-in cooling fan. Made in the USA!

Materials: Head: Molded foam and latex
Body: Foam and/or fabric.
Size: Adult ranging from 5'4" (162 cm) to 6'2" (183 cm) and chest size up to 60" (152 cm) and waist up to 52" (132 cm).
Additional Info: Mascots come complete with Head, Body, Mitts or Hands, and Feet (with a few rare exceptions).