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Cheerleading Supplies:  Uniforms, Clothes,  Apparel, Shoes, Pom Poms & More.

Cheer Etc. is your best source for cheerleading supplies.  From youth cheerleading to varsity cheerleading & from college cheerleading to all star cheerleading.  We have the best prices & quickest delivery in the cheerleading industry & we are having a big sale on all your cheerleading needs.  Cheer Etc. can do a special cheerleading package deal depending on what your needs are, just give us a call or e-mail us & let us know what you want included in your specialized package deal & how many of those items you need.  

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Custom Cheerleading Uniforms on Sale as low as $49.00 per set!

New:  Stadium Chairs

Big Sale on Pom Pons.

Guaranteed lowest prices on all Converse shoes!

Adobe files to e-mail & share with your team mates & coaches

Power Cheer II Cheerleading Shoes $23.50 
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Power cheer 2 has a removable insole for adjustable fit, EVA midsole for comfory & support, rear finder notch & Scallop arch support for enhanced grip.

#7492Youth 10, 11, 12-2 &3 
#7490 Womens 4-10, 11, 12

New:  Scrunchies & Hair Ribbons & Backpacks

Compare Leading Manufacturer Prices.

In order to keep costs down for our customers, we no longer have catalogs.  Feel free to print items you have an interest in.

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