VE- Narrow Wet Look Pom Balls

Poms balls are perfect for young cheerleaders to use, or for special performances that will only be used a few times as opposed to an entire cheerleading season.  Poms balls are even great to use for fundraisers for cheer booster clubs.  Poms balls are ultra light poms that have no handle and are instead bonded together with a metal clip and are prefluffed into a round ball. Available in either show style (3/4" width - 500 streamers) or classic narrow cut (3/16" width, 2,000 streamers.) in streamers lengths of 4", 5", 6", 7" & 8" in either solid or mixed colors.  You can even add a little metallic glitter for that extra sparkle!.


For a solid color pom, choose your color from list 1 and select 'none' from color lists 2 and 3.  For a two mixed color pom choose your colors from lists 1 and 2 and select 'none' on list 3.  For a 3 mixed color pom choose a color from each list.  If you want to add a single glitter color choose your color from glitter list 1 and none for list 2, for double glitter choose colors from both glitter lists.

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