Design your Own Custom Cheerleading Uniforms

Picture this:  You have dreamed of an absolutely stunning custom cheerleading uniforms for your squad.  You search catalog after catalog and website after website but nothing seems to fit the bill.  So you start calling around to see if you can find someone to make what you are envisioning but haven’t had any luck - until you find Cheer Etc that is!


Cheer Etc has been in business since 1985 and has made it their business to make your cheerleaders look good.  Where else can you provide sketches of the perfect cheerleading uniform to and have them bring it to life?  Nowhere.  With top of the line quality fabrics and personalized customer service, you are sure to be pleased with Cheer Etc – and save a lot of money in the process!  Cheer Etc uses only the best fabrics – Visa treated double knit polyester fabrics, stunning metallic trims, dazzling metallic stretch lycra and even mesmerizing sequin dot fabrics to give your uniforms that something special to make you memorable.   


Cheer Etc realizes that not every cheerleader is a cookie cutter size and that like with any other sport, the athletes that participate in it come in all different shapes and sizes.  This is why Cheer Etc will even make custom sizes for you if needed.  Needing a little extra room in the bust or in the waist is never a problem.  We have even cornered the market in catering to the needs to Christian school cheerleaders by offering culottes and longer length pleated cheerleading skirts – made to the lengths they need to maintain the modesty required by their faith.


So whether you are wanting a top from one catalog and a skirt from a different and are worried about colors matching, or if your uniform is coming straight from the drawing board call Cheer Etc today.  We are here to help you and offer outstanding, personalized customer service and the fastest delivery times around.  We can even build a package deal for you!