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Cheer Etc has the BEST prices in the industry for cheerleading uniforms and accessories such as bodysuits, briefs, cheerleading poms and warm-ups.  Let us show you how!  We have researched our competition and compared our prices to those of a leading cheerleading supply company.

Custom Cheerleading Uniforms


Custom Cheer Uniform


Cheer Etc

Price Difference

Shell Top




Gladiator Fly Away Skirt


$83.99 for the SET!






So what that means for you is if you have 20-30 girls, you just SAVED $2457.20 - $3685.80!!!

Amazing, right?  Just wait, it gets even BETTER!

What cheerleading uniform is complete without the essentials?



Cheer Etc

Price Difference

Standard Brief




Midriff Bodysuit




Hair Bow








So based on your squad of 20 – 30 girls,you just saved another $203 - $304.50!!

Don’t stop reading quite yet….there’s more!

Cheer Etc uses many of the same suppliers as our competitors so you are getting the exact same items for a fraction of the cost.  Check out these other must have’s!



Cheer Etc

Price Difference

Cheer Bag




Warm-up Jacket




Warm-up Pant




Metallic Poms




25” Megaphone




Tee w/ 2 color imprint




You just saved another $2530.80 - $3796.20 for your cheerleaders!  Incredible!


So if you want all the must haves, you are saving……ready for it?  $5191 - $7786.50!!!
So, simply by being a savvy shopper you can save nearly 50% and still achieve the same look with
Cheer Etc.  For the items listed above you would be spending $244.35 per person at Cheer Etc versus $485.95 with the other guys!  

Now aren't you glad you found this?

The fancy catalogs and sales reps that visit your school may look nice, but you ultimately are paying for those perks with their higher prices. 
Give us a call and we can help you build a package specific to your needs, let Cheer Etc save your squad money today! Why pay more?

More pricing comparisons coming soon!

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