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Time to Pick Your Favorite All Star Cheer Uniforms at the Best Price

Are you looking for a unique cheerleading uniforms for that special event? Well, if your answer is resounding yes and you are even tired of searching through an array of stores, just get ready with your desktop or mobile phone now because the best dealers of cheer uniforms and mascot costumes are available online nowadays. Yes, it is as easy as ABC to find a trusted vendor of such costumes. Not only this, the quality, the diversity and the price that you will get at such stores is beyond exception, so it is high time to make up your mind and give a shot to e commerce stores right now.

All Star Cheer Uniform

I hope there must be very few who are not interested towards schools and colleges athletics. But still they like wearing and enjoy watching their favorite sports and cheering them. The day it is your favorite team’s turn to perform you would not want anyone to disturb in between the match. And, what you like the most is wearing on that day your favorite team’s all-star cheer uniforms which make you go more excited and full of enthusiasm.

So, how you celebrate yours team’s  victory or loss finally depends on you, but if you are stuck to find out all star cheer uniforms for yourself and for your friends groups then, now you can come with your problem as well. As you can surprise your friend with the all star cheer uniforms that are available at Cheer ETC online store and could find for yourself the perfect costume of your team or club and if required you can customize them also.

If you are a bit stranger to Cheer ETC let me give introduction of them as they are among the leading producer of cheerleader uniforms since 1985. They have not only come with their customer expectation but also confirm what exactly they wish and required. They have tried their level best to mark the finest material that could privilege to each of the customers at affordable cost. So, when it comes to quality, perfection and comfort ability at this exclusive price, you could never find a match to them.

Even more they are not restricted to all star cheer uniforms but you could seek for yourself top quality brand named merchandise of vibrant colors and patterns that go with the perfect match for your uniforms as they are the leading suppliers of uniforms in different school and colleges. So if you are about to start your new business then you can come up with high quality all star cheer uniforms to fulfill your customer demands and expectation.

So why to wait for so long, as Cheer ETC is providing their customers with high quality all star cheer uniforms at guaranteed cheaper price that could be ever offered by any other competitor in whole market. With their quality products and service, they assure competition of the products from any other products and completely exemption from delivery fee at huge orders. Go and pick up your bag to celebrate this time country matches with your family and friends, with your favorite all star cheer uniforms.

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Tips to Choose The Best All Star Cheer Uniforms

Deciding the type of uniform you want your cheerleading team to wear can be a little daunting. There are a myriad of retailers and vendors that offer an exclusive collection of All Star Cheer Uniforms; however, finding just the best uniform seems to be tricky. Therefore, here are a few tips that can make your selection job a bit easier. Take a look.

All Star Cheer Uniform

  • Budget: Always decide the total budget that you can spend. This helps a lot in narrowing down your search and finding a uniform that meets your every unique requirement. Many companies offer discounts on larger quantity orders and even complete sets to include: shells, skirts, briefs, shoes, socks, poms, hair bows and camp wear.  One way to increase the number needed is to combine your Junior Varsity and Varsity orders together and maybe even other school programs in your district.
  • Fabric: Well, the importance of fabric is top-notch. Actually, whether it is All Star Cheer uniform or that of any other cheer-leading squad; it has to be comfortable and flexible. So, you must choose the fabric of the uniform very carefully. Some fabrics demand machine cleaning while others are specifically advised to be given out for dry-cleaning. So, you must consider this factor as well before making any purchasing decision.
  • Comfort factor: Comfort depends upon several things including the type of dress, the fabric and the way it is made. The fabric must be top-notch, the dress must be flexible and should be made keeping in mind the shape of the body.
  • Rules: There are some standard rules and regulation set by an organization regarding the cheerleading uniforms for instance, the length of the uniform, the amount of skin that can be seen, and much more. So, you must understand them thoroughly, and then pick a uniform.

If you remember to keep these tips in mind before buying, you will definitely grab the best deal whilst enjoying every comfort and leisure of purchasing All Star Cheer uniform.

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Cheerleading Warm ups – Show your Team Spirit Now!

All Star Cheer UniformNo matter what kind of sport or game you are fond of, showing unity and support to your team is of utmost important and one of the many ways to do this is by wearing cheerleading warm ups. Yes, you heard it right. These are a special kind of clothing that is designed to keep you warm during cheerleading.

Warms ups include everything from jackets to pants, long sleeve Shirts to sweatshirts, and a lot more. There are designed with a special kind of insulating material that keeps you warm during chilly nights of sports season. Mostly, nylon and polyester is used in the making of these clothing as they are proven insulating material available in the market.

The best part of these warm ups is that you do not have to compromise with the style as these available in state of the art styles and designs. Not only this, if you want a special logo or special design on your warm ups, you can always get it imprinted as custom cheerleading clothing are in trend nowadays. Moreover, there is no other better way to show your support to your favorite team than having their names or logos imprinted on your cheerleading warm ups.

First impression is the last impression, and cheerleading clothing should always be picked keeping this is mind. Get them styled and designed in your own way such that you do not have to wait completely rely on your performance to grab the attention of people.

So, if you are looking out for something to go with your entire team’s personality, start browsing through the great collection of cheerleading warm ups available in online stores. Choose the best material, best design, and show your team spirit within a go.

Remember, buying quality warm ups is important as a quality clothing will never compromise the flexibility and elegance of your performance.

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Custom Cheerleading Uniforms: Find the Best Quality for Best Price

Custom cheerleading uniforms from $49.00 per set, stop paying.

Get cheerleading uniforms from a quality USA company.

Cheerleaders play key role in any gaming event. They grab attention with their dance, movements and stunts. They perform in a group there is nothing called solo or single performance. Often mix gender performances are carried out but mostly girls perform the cheerleading action. Cheerleading uniforms play a significant part, the outfit compliments the movements and motions, these outfits are needed to be charming also snug to put on for hours. Skin friendly and movement friendly should be the fabric or else the whole feat can be affected. So buying custom cheerleading uniforms is one critical decision to take and Cheer ETC is one online store specialized in designing top class, trendiest outfits wearing which performers will not only feel confident but feel comfortable as well. Whether its about all star cheer uniforms or its for high school soccer game, Cheer ETC is all set with their designs. Regardless of what is sought for, whether classic or something contemporary, this online store is having everything at their disposal.

The store takes pride in their customization facility where outfits can be crafted as according to the demand and requirement of the buyer. No matter what designs are put forward, no matter what colors are chosen, Cheer ETC can achieve the goal without making compromise at any point. The dresses are made to fit the body snugly and the fabric they make use of is having incredibly stretchable quality. So no matter what sizes are laid, what colors are selected you will be getting exactly what you want as, Cheer ETC knows nothing about average designing. Within affordable pricing, they are only aware of manufacturing urbane and chic designing clothes.

Even if you are seeking ideas for unique cheerleading dresses, here you will be getting everything and more. You don’t have to follow the beaten path of your predecessors nor you have to be a techno-geek to find out new groundbreaking uniform designs . You will get sufficient resources of ideas, once you scroll through the site of Cheer ETC. Here professionals will be helping you in every possible way from designing to delivery, from pricing to making payment, you will be supported everywhere.

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Skirts for stunt filled cheerleading acts – Why not?


Shell tops are perhaps the finest creation for cheerleading uniforms that carry rich glamour factor and are absolutely performance oriented. Cheerleading is a very demanding sport where one has to look refreshed continuously despite exhaustive performance. To stay refreshed it is important to feel comfortable that is what we call utility of cheerleading uniforms. The most common components of cheerleading uniforms are top, skirt and briefs though skirts are always doubted for their comfort factor during stunts. The advent of shell skirts has reversed the whim as these have been designed for comfort and decency during stunts.

A-line skirts are form fitted and possess cuts on both sides and sometimes in the middle on front or back. These skirts are donned with the briefs and their firm fit doesn’t let hems become springy that is the ideal feature to facilitate stunts. Unlike skirts with bouncy frills or pleats, the a-line skirts are reluctant to body exposure nonetheless give greater leg room to move freely.
Although body suits are believed to be an ideal option for stunt based cheerleading acts but as skirts can never be separated from identity mark of cheerleaders, these are an essential component. To retain the identity of cheerleaders and to render bodysuit like comfort the stylish shell skirts are ruling the market.

Cheer Etc too has just introduced a nice range of latest shell skirts for 2016. The range includes excellent collection of designs, color combinations and styles. Cheer Etc is an online seller offering 20% off on all latest cheerleading uniforms of the season. Visit www.cheeretc.com for detailed information and to view all uniforms.

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Trendy Cheerleading Uniforms on Sale


Cheerleaders are the attention grabbers at any sporting event. They get the much delighted opportunities of wearing the fanciest and trendiest outfits at the big games. Their uniforms are a perfect blend of stylish designs and colors to create a fascinating overall look. Cheerleaders take pride in their team and the squad while experiencing focus and unity as a team. Cheerleading uniforms come in a variety of colors and designs blending in with the style of the team that they are associated with. Cheerleading uniforms need to be colorful, stylish, glossy and attractive keeping in line with the latest trends. A complete cheerleader uniform generally consists of tops, skirts, shoes and of course other accessories like the pom poms to make the moves colorful and interesting. Other cheerleading accessories such as socks, warm-ups and sports bag are also essential for the complete look.


These much adored uniforms have to be not only pretty but also comfortable as cheerleaders have to stay on the field as long as the game is being played. The uniform has to be manufactured with great caution as cheerleaders have to perform their motions along with the dance moves and formidable stunts as well. The use of good quality fabric is essential in determining the durability and flexibility of the uniform. Designing and stitching of the uniform is of prime concern so that it can allow the cheerleaders to move freely and actively. These uniforms must be designed in a way that they accentuate the movements of the cheerleaders.


Cheerleading is not all about the skirts, as some would believe, but the entire outfit along with the accessories which create the complete look. Pom-poms are the most important and striking accessory that are flaunted by a cheerleading squad. These tossing and turning extensions add flair to the whole personality of a cheerleader and makes for a stand out performance. These can be custom made or chosen from a variety of metallic glitter, plastic show and wet look, holographic or narrow poms. A brand new trend of adjoining small pom pom balls to the shoes is widely catching up.

Other Accessories

A cheerleading uniform is accompanied with distinguished accessories like sports bags, hair bows, socks and jackets. These accessories establish a complementary look for the whole squad. Fancy hair bands and bows can add a beautiful look to your appearance. Various ankle or knee length socks can be included in your apparel in order to make a unique style statement. Sports bags for cheerleaders are specifically designed for them and are suited to their style and matching the stunning outfit. These bags can be personalized with custom lettering and are a great source for keeping their cheerleading supplies safe.

If you are looking for cheerleading supplies on sale with shipping options, you can look up the Internet and find companies offering to help you in choosing the perfect cheerleading outfits at extremely affordable prices.

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New Custom Cheerleading Uniforms are a Confidence Booster!


The prime motive of a cheerleading performance is to boost the confidence of teams and to meet the purpose it’s a requisite for cheerleading teams to look confident. Looking confident is all about feeling confident that can come natural if one is dressed well, performs well and is comfortable with attire. The various moves of cheerleading acts including jumps, flips, stomps, lifts, stretching and gymnastic acts are simply to connote bold attitude and to boast confidence about winning.

For the confident moves cheerleaders need to choose performance focused clothing which doesn’t cause any inconvenience during their performance. Wrong selection of cheerleading attire can make any team member a spoil spot along with the possibility of injury. Thus a cheerleading uniform has to have that utility factor besides elegant looks. The durability is another essential for cheerleading uniforms meant for toughest cheerleading acts therefore now most of the uniforms are made out of stretchable fabric.

The bodysuits, shell skirts, shell tops, midriff tops, crop tops, cheer briefs, all are the performance oriented cheerleading uniforms. To accent them with the glamorous world of cheerleading, designers keep experimenting with the colors, textures, designs and style. The options available in cheerleading style are more than enough to satiate all tastes. The cheerleaders whether male or female can choose anything from briefs to shorts, pants, leggings or slacks as per their comfort. For female cheerleaders the stores are accommodating hundreds of styles of skirts and middy style cheerleading uniforms for a professional look and convenience to perform.

On www.cheeretc.com you can find all those designs of cheerleading uniforms specially designed for different types of cheerleading acts. The designing team here has brought a range of cheerleading uniforms witnessing varying needs of different cheerleaders.

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Sublimated Cheerleading Uniforms – 30% Off.

Has your cheerleading squad been thinking about sublimated cheer uniforms?  If so, you can design your own & get them at 30% off, minimum 12.  If you have a large squad that needs sublimated cheer uniforms, give us a call so we can give you even bigger discounts.  You can combine different squads, even though you get different style to quality for bigger discounts.

If you would like to start designing your own sublimated cheer uniforms online, just go to this link:   Design your own sublimated cheerleading uniforms

Remember, the lettering is included at no extra charge & you can use as many colors as you want at no extra charge.  When it gives you your online price, just remember to take 30% off your your special pricing.  Just mention you saw this on our blog.

For the all star cheerleading squads, you can even use your own custom colors, at no extra charge.

The cool thing is it only takes 14 business days to manufacture them & for an extra charge, you can get them manufactured in as little as 7 or 5 working days with the lettering already on them.

All this and they are made in the USA.


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A few styling tips on your cheerleading uniforms.


The cheerleading market is a vast pool of options and the most difficult task is to make the final mind on one style. On the contrary there are also some style conscious people out there in the world, satisfying whose styles thirst is the really tough job. For such people, now cheerleading companies have started the fashion of design your own cheerleading uniforms where they can create their outlook and style at their own. These days’ the online cheerleading stores even help you over developing new ideas on creating unique cheerleading uniforms out of cluster of brilliant designs and color schemes.

Cheer Etc too is here with some styling tips for you along with a nice range of trendy cheerleading uniforms. We have launched complete 84 new styles in custom cheerleading uniforms where we provide you freedom to mix and match any two styles. We have also an excellent collection of bodysuits including midriff tops, crop tops and halter tops paired with cheer briefs that you can match with skirts.

We suggest you to combine crop tops with wraparound skirts for a hot look and if you want to look stunningly trendy then go for shell tops to be paired with minis with creative hems. We also offer ‘M’ style, ‘W’ style, ‘X’ style and ‘V’ style cheerleading tops to be paired with wraparound skirts, knife pleated skirts, multi-colored pleated skirts, A-line skirts and three pleat flyaway skirts. The options are numerous, you just need to go through our newly added styles and the ideas will automatically start forming in your mind. Keep designing.

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Trendy Pom-Poms Add Flair to Your Performance


Cheerleading products include uniforms, shoes, socks, hair bands and not to forget the most important one – pom poms. These extensions, available in various sizes, are used for tossing and turning which make the whole cheerleading performance stand out. Pom-poms originally known as pom pons are a decorative ball of fluff widely used in cheerleading across the globe. Pom poms may come in many colors, designs, sizes and are made from a wide array of materials, including plastic, vinyl, metallic and holographic.

Pom-pom Style

Pom-poms are available in various styles including glitter, plastic, metallic, wet look, narrow and holographic, each providing a vibrant look. Different pom strand finishes create a distinctive look and highlight the colors and various materials of the poms. Plastic strands have a matte finish that reflects a little shine. The wet looking poms are highly shiny to make them appear as if they are wet, metallic strands are also fabricated with a satiny shine look which creates an enchanting ambiance. As the name suggests glitter strands add a shiny appeal to the poms.

Pom Pom Size

The size of a pom pom refers to the length of the streamer strands as opposed to the whole prop including the handle. While choosing a pom pom, the important things to consider are the desired effects, how will they be used and who will be using them. The younger cheerleaders should be sporting smaller pom-poms, which should be chosen according to their height. Standard sizes of most pom-poms are 4″, 6″, 8″, and 10″, among those the most commonly used size is a 6″ which is considered perfect for cheering mostly in schools. This size is light in weight and fairly visible from a distance, which makes it the ideal choice for school cheerleading.

Pom Colors

You can choose from an array of colors that suit the style of your team. You might as well match the colors in your uniform so the poms look outstanding. You may also want to consider how you want the poms to stand out or how they will work in your routine or cheers. Traditional pom-poms that have only one color are the basic ones, which can be either contrasted or matched with your cheerleading outfit. These look amazing and are available in pretty much every color and you can add a great splash of color when using two coordinating or contrasting colors. You can bring out your creativity with pom-poms that contain more than two colors. These poms look incredible especially when they have some glitter strands incorporated with the others.

Pompom Handle

Standard, baton, block and hidden are four main handle styles for pom-poms. The standard handle is quite visible while being used as it is large in size making it perfect for the 6” size pom pom. This handle has a 2” to 3” plastic tube in the middle, which is surrounded by a plastic loop. Baton handle is the most commonly used handle and works with pom-poms of any size. This handle has strands coming out of both ends of the single tube, which is 3″ to 4″ in length. Block handle is much heavier than other style handles but has a great grip. It contains a block with a plastic loop on top of it which makes it ideal for pom-poms of size 8” and 10”. Hidden handles have a small dowel handle with a large loop of elastic on the top, which affects its visibility while in use.

If you are looking for stock or custom made cheerleading supplies, you can look up the Internet and find companies which provide cheerleading pom-poms such as cheeretc.com.

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