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Children's Mascot Costumes

Mascots available in any color clothes & fur at no extra charge.  Click on any of the mascot images for a larger view.

Don't be fooled by imported cheap imitation mascot costumes.
Our prices are the lowest & we now ship all size medium & possibly large mascot costumes with no color changes in 2 weeks.
All mascot costumes made in USA.

Our children's costumes are manufactured from the same high quality fur fabric as our adult mascot costumes. They are sturdy well made costumes suitable for school mascots, plays, ballet and dance recitals, theater productions and masquerade. The suits are easy to wear with velcro closures down the back, separate mitts and foot covers. The hoods are designed to show the child's face, allowing for good visibility without distracting from the character of the animal it represents. These quality costumes come in three sizes, all children's costumes are $400.00 each.

Bear Mascot Costume
CH16-Z Bear
Bunny Mascot Costume
CH15-Z Bunny
Chicken Mascot Costume
CH07-Z Chicken
Cow Mascot Costume
CH06-Z Cow
Duck Mascot Costume
CH04-Z Duck
Elephant Mascot Costume
CH12-Z Elephant
Monkey Mascot Costume
CH05-Z Monkey
Penguin Mascot Costume
CH17-Z Penguin
Pig Mascot Costume
CH09-Z Pig
Tiger Mascot Costume
CH01-Z Tiger
Deer Mascot Costume
CH08-Z Deer
Mouse Mascot Costume
CH03-Z Mouse
Dalmation Mascot Costume
CH10-Z Dalmatian
Ram Mascot Costume
CH04-Z Ram
Puppy Mascot Costume
CH22-Z Puppy
Donkey Mascot Costume
CH25-Z Donkey
Frog Mascot Costume
CH20-Z Frog
Kangaroo Mascot Costume
CH14-Z Kangaroo
Lion Mascot Costume
CH11-Z Lion
Parrot Mascot Costume
CH19-Z Parrot
Dinosaur Mascot Costume
CH21-Z Triceratops
Alligator Mascot Costume
CH13-Z Alligator
Dinosaur Mascot Costume
CH18-Z Dinosaur
Dragon Mascot Costume
CH02-Z Dragon

measurements.jpg (33557 bytes)
Please take measurements
To determine the closest size

BLUE -----body length
RED--------chest circumference

LARGE SIZE -- fits body length 29", chest 37", in-seam 22"
MEDIUM SIZE - fits body length 27", chest 35", in-seam 18"
SMALL SIZE - fits body length 25", chest 33", in-seam 16"

Mascot Costumes

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