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Zebra Socks!


Zebra socks are on sale now & they are perfect for cheerleading or softball or any other female team sports. They are available in a variety of colors and you can get long zebra striped socks, or zebra footies that are on sale now & start at $7.00 per pair. Tie dyed socks are also really cool, call us for more information.

Lions, and tigers…and Zebras? Oh my!

Black Zebra on White-500x500

Create a cool, new look for your cheer squad this season! Cheer Etc is your #1 source for zebra prints. They have everything from custom cheer uniforms right down to briefs and socks with zebra prints! AND they guarantee the lowest prices! Imagine it….zebra print custom cheerleading uniforms, zebra print cheer briefs, zebra print poms, zebra print custom hair bows, zebra print cheer campwear..and even zebra print sportbags! Let your wild side out and wow the crowds!

Zebra Print Cheerleading Camp Gear

Show up to cheerleading camp in style with new Zebra Print camp wear. Zebra print camp wear comes in tons of colors and even in glitter material. Sports bras, hot shorts, tank tops, bootie shorts, skirts, and t-shirts all come in zerba print! Zebra print is one of the most popular new trends in cheerleading camp wear and is sure to make your squad stand out in the crowd. Our zebra print camp wear is in-stock and ready to ship out to you today. We have great low pricing and the hottest styles for cheerleading camp this summer!